Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 12

A picture of something you love:

Museums. All kinds of museums. This picture is of a painting in the Louvre by Fragonard called "Le Verrou" (The Bolt) which is one of my favorites. Painted around the time of the French Revolution, two lovers frantically bolt the door in a moment of passion. After taking three art history courses (two at Pitt and one in Paris), I have become a total art nut. I love strolling through museums alone. It is a completely different experience when you go through at your own pace rather than with others which makes me feel quite detached from the art. My parents have been taking me to museums since I was little. We could be in a major metropolitan city or the tiniest town in nowheresville, Florida--we would still visit every museum in the town. In Paris, I took this matter into my own hands and visited lesser-known museums like the Musee de Carnivalet, Musee d'art moderne, Magic Museum (yes, it was awesome), Picasso Museum, Musee de la vie romantique, Perfume Museum, and there are still more that I have yet to visit.

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